piatok, novembra 23, 2007

True Face Of State

Recently we have reminded 18 years since the communism had been officially abandoned. Although this time period seems long enough to get rid of etatist aparatchiks, recent incident confirms also that not only communist but every state power uses force against his enemies. The difference is in its intensity.

Khazachstan´s president and dictator Nazarbajev came to visit our president Gašparovič to talk (in comradely manner) about providing some new government contracts for favourite companies on both sides. At the same time Khazach journalist Balli Marzec living in exile Poland came to Bratislava to protest against Nazarbajev. She managed to get all necesarry bureaucratic permissions to held demonstration in front of the Presidential Palace. While the state anthem played, she was screaming against. This action alarmed three slovak policemen who have taken up her forcibly (she said after instruction from Nazarbajev´s security guard), packed into police-car and keep her as a prisoner (or maybe worse, as she was hurted and without eat and drink) in police station for 13 hours. „The journalist disturbed the anthem,“ said the head of police encroachment.

Well, maybe they should arrest all sport fans of a rival team whistling during international football or hockey game. By the way, similar event happened during U.S. president Bush´s speech in a crowded city centre of Bratislava a few years ago. Two Czechs inflamed Old Glory flag and police expeled them from the country immediately. So every state government uses force against its „enemies“ on principle. Sometimes it´s called communist, next time democratic or authoritative.

The police is always an oppressive arm of government, it is only a servant of state master. Do you think abolishing it would bring more safety? I do.