štvrtok, marca 27, 2008

Magic Moments from ASC (5)

„The phenomenon of "Hollywood communists" is indeed striking....
.... First, actors had for centuries been condemned as belonging to one of the lowest social classes. Theatrical folk were kept separate from polite society. For instance, it is alleged that until well into the twentieth century, in many American cities, deceased actors could not legally be buried in church cemeteries.

Further, actors think of themselves as "avant-garde intellectuals," despite the fact that they rarely can boast of much in the way of scholarly training. Since the Left, especially in the United States, has long been successful in portraying itself as the progressive, enlightened opposition to the bigoted, priggish, witless members of the Right, actors gravitate toward the former.

Actors and playwrights are, above all, storytellers, interpreters of the human condition whose words and gestures evoke powerful emotions from their audiences. It is far easier to excite an audience with the stark drama of a poor workingman struggling to survive than it is to glory in the success of a brilliant industrialist.“

- Larry Sechrest: „The Anti-Capitalists: Barbarians at the Gate“

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