utorok, marca 11, 2008

Conference Of The Year Is Coming

Just only two days remaining to Austrian Scholars Conference start. The event of the year is here. So many various topics been discussed confirm Austrians are growing.
If I have a chance to be there, I wouldn´t miss especially these lectures:

"My Anarchist Anthology" Roderick Long (Auburn University)

"On the Nature of Human Rationality" Hans-Hermann Hoppe (Vienna, Austria)
"Immanent Politics, Participatory Democracy, and the Pursuit of Eudaimonia" Geoffrey
Allan Plauche (Louisiana State University)

"The Place of Austrian Economics in Entrepreneurship Research" Peter G. Klein,
(University of Missouri)

"Clash of the Titans: The Bastiat-Proudhon Debate on Credit and Interest." Roderick
Long (Auburn University)
"On Hayekian Triangles" William Barnett and Walter Block (Loyola University, New
"Time Preference and Investment Expenditure" Jorg Guido Hulsmann (University of

"Anatomy of a Financial Crisis: The Crisis of 2007 through the Eyes of Financial Market
Economists" Jeffrey Cleveland (Los Angeles, CA) and Antero Atilla (Copenhagen,

"If Anarcho-Capitalism is So Good, Why Doesn't it Exist? Incentives versus Preferences
in Social Change" Edward Stringham (San Jose State University)


Preliminary program schedule here. For people who can´t participate live webcasting is ready.
BTW, it seems Hans Hoppe works in „Bratislava suburb“.

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Dano povedal(a)...

Ano, hlavne ten Longov prispevok o "Bastiat-Proudhon debate" bude delikatesa prveho ranku. Ta debata, ide vlastne o korespondenciu, nebola totiz doteraz publikovana ako celok. Prelozil to z francuzstiny udajne len Tucker, ale sa to nezachovalo, alebo stratilo...??? A aj fran. originaly nie su vraj drzane ako celok, ale kade tade po knizniciach. Uz sa tesim!