utorok, marca 18, 2008

Magic moments from ASC (2)

„People think individualism is a jungle. But it is not when you have a private property. If you refuse to privilege a superior knowledge, privilege point of knowing about the world to majority who know´s all. We are placed on the same foot and individualism is possible if you have such a rules and institutions that these rules produce. Otherwise individualism is not possible. I mean individualism as a social relationship. Marx thought that individualism was not possible. He spoke about individualism as a sort of jungle. But it needs a set of institutions, where we interact with the same possibilities.“

„I´d studied Becker and there is the same distance between us and Becker as between Vienna and Chicago. Without Friedman there would not be a classical liberalism in last century. Wihout Hayek we would have no improvement of liberalism that we know. I can say that without Mises there were no Hayek. Hayek enriched Mises tradition. But there is a big distance between us and the Chicago school. I think of the different significance of the ABC theory and monetarism. Monetarism is expressed poverty if you confront it to the ABC. Intellectual base of the Chicago school is positivism. We are not positivists.“

- Lorenzo Infantino: „Hayek Speaks to Europe“

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