pondelok, marca 17, 2008

Magic Moments from ASC (1)

„ ... Fannie Mae was authorized to deal with mortgages of as much as sevenhundred thousand dollars up from 400 000 dollars previously. Now people stop back for a minute. The median home price in the USA is 200 000 dollars. Why do we have dragonic taxpayer subsidised companies facilitating purchases of homes with a mortgages three times as larger? Don´t we presume that buyers of those homes are not a low-income families? ... Why does Fannie Mae advertise during the Superbowl? They do not deal with consumers. If you´ve running a business, why would you advertise to consumers if that´s not even your customer base? Clerly because of generating political sympathy.“

- Martin Fridson: „A Chronicle of Limitless Failures of Government“

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