streda, júla 23, 2008

Murphy vs. Caplan a Landsburg

„It's true, the Misesian can often present his entire analysis in purely verbal terms, and he can't make any guaranteed quantitative predictions about the economy. But as the joke about the drunk looking for his keys illustrates so well, scientists need to look for answers where they actually may lie, rather than redefining the problem into one that our favorite tools can handle.“

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Radovan Kazda povedal(a)...

ozaj, co keby si to hned prelozil? kto sa tu ma trapit so slovnikom, myjavcan jeden?

Martin Rojko povedal(a)...

No az tak velmi sa nenudim. Spolieham na jazykovu zdatnost citatelov. A myjavcania po anglicky vedia, neviem ako je to na (v) Starej Turej.:-))