streda, mája 02, 2007

Lew Rockwell: "Áno, stlačil by som vypínač"

Rozhovor s Llewellynom H. Rockwellom, prezidentom Misesovho inštitútu a editorom webstránky pre poľskú libertariánsku internetovú stránku Liberalis:

KUSKOWSKI: Your site,, is greatly popular and is still growing. The internet has proven to be an invaluable tool in the hands of libertarians. What has your experience shown you to be the most important for a growing movement: individual blogs, professional sites with an abundance of materials, like, or something of a collective effort, like LRC?

ROCKWELL: The movement is growing beyond belief, in all sectors of society and in nearly all countries, so far as I can tell. The web has been important, obviously. Libertarians have always believed that getting the ideas out there is the most important step we can take. Any media that get our message out are thrilling, especially the media that are not highly controlled by government. The government made a mistake with the internet, from its own point of view. It controlled radio, television, and much of the print media by default. But the web took off before the government got its hooks in it.

KUSKOWSKI: Now, a tricky question. If, all of a sudden, George Bush read Mises or Hayek and decided that he wanted to strip the United States down to a minarchist State –but only so far –and invited you to do the job, would you accept? If you would, then laying aside Congress and the Supreme Court, what would be your first acts in office?

ROCKWELL: Would I push the button? Yes. I wouldn't want to stay in office, given the corruptions of power. So I would cut anything and everything, with a focus on abolition. Abolish the executive branch, then the judicial branch, then the legislative branch. These would be good first steps.

KUSKOWSKI: Do you sometimes follow events in Poland? If so, what direction do you think our county is headed in? What are the chances for libertarianism to flourish in post-socialist countries?

ROCKWELL: I only visited Poland once, at the end of the Soviet era, but I am very interested, and so I am thrilled at the progress and freedom. On the other hand, the post-socialist economies are largely in the same boat as the US. We are all beset by fascistic planning structures, monopolistic regulations, socialized health care and education, even as new sectors of freedom pop up every day. So given this, it is long past time that libertarians of the world unite in common cause. The State is vulnerable.

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