pondelok, januára 07, 2008

In Memory of Murray Rothbard

It has passed twelve years today since Murray wrote last words for liberty.

„Murray was someone special. I recognized that fact the first night I met him. It was after the Mises seminar; a buddy of mine and I had been invited to attend, and afterwards Murray suggested we have coffee and talk. My friend and I were dazzled by the great Mises, and Murray, naturally, was pleased to see our enthusiasm. He assured us that Mises was at least the greatest economist of the century, if not the whole history of economic thought. As far as politics went, though, Murray said, lowering his voice conspiratorially: „Well, when it comes to politics, some of us consider Mises a member of the non-Communist Left.“ Yes, it was easy to see we’d met someone very special.“

- Ralph Raico