štvrtok, júla 09, 2009

50 vecí v ceste za slobodou

Máte už za sebou myšlienkový prerod z etatistu na libertariána (rôznych odtieňov) a neviete čo ďalej? Zbaviť sa ďalších pozostatkov štátnej indoktrinácie a osvojiť si filozofiu agorizmu vám môže pomôcť týchto 50 vecí. A začať možno hneď.

Môj výber obľúbených:  

Become a part-time entrepreneur, garage-market-dealer, urban farmer, welder, whatever. Just be productive under your own command. It doesn’t matter what it is; just be directly productive, and directly deal with suppliers and clients. You’ll find it awesomely liberating and it will be highly useful for the free underground market.

Switch off the TV. Read books!

Learn ethics and law (not the government law…).

Study logic, especially the fallacies.

When in conflict, ask someone to mediate. Solve conflicts yourself wherever you can. Use a mutually respected and trusted third party when necessary. Stay away from state “justice” whenever you can.

Get over it: Voting doesn’t help at all.

Offer small merchants silver or gold rather than fiat currency.
Sell your products in silver or gold.

Start a community currency in your town.

Get comfortable with the term “Economic Civil Disobedience.”

Spread the idea that the state is not magic – it is nothing more than a collection of your neighbors – no more ethical and noble than the lamer next door.

Learn how to find the false assumptions in arguments. Most public lies sound okay if you don’t find their unspoken assumptions. If they pass too quickly, find the written version and search for the lie it contains.

Don’t waste your energy on the political crisis de jour. Busy your mind with more substantial things. Daily political dramas are a time-sink, and the statists like it. Stop following their script.

Help people who suffer undeservedly. No state means you are responsible for charity. Sure, it will be much easier when the state isn’t stealing all your extra money (or chasing you in hope of theft), but do what you can now and get used to the process.

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