pondelok, marca 30, 2009

Too much emotion and no diligence

Debata na jednom zahraničnom internetovom realitnom fóre, venovanom Bratislave:

A: been a long while since i have been on here,but needs must in the current circumstances. 
I have not seen on the forum any discussions about slovak mortgages currrently,or indeed about the 3 towers development.I would welcome some comments as I am rapidly loosing confidence and my assests in the current climate. 
Any idea of current pricing in the 3 towers and rental expectations? 
I have an interested buyer in my unit,but have no idea of resale price.

B: Was over at 3 towers this week, both rental and sales do not look great (oversupply), if you can get a mortgage for 80% and have a bit of spare cash to furnish then perhaps you could hold if not i would get out if you have a buyer lined up.

A: it's a tough call,but i do not have the cash flow to hold and prey it will work out.It's my conclusion that these types of investment are for investors with sustantial cash flow positive properties,or with good cashflow from elsewhere.For someone trying to build a portfolio,it's not going to work out. I cannot lie i feel very bitter about it,current economic circumstances not withstanding,it's the last time i get involved with slick marketing and emerging markets. Too much emotion and excitement and no way to do diligence. 
The only consolation is that these markets are now starting to behave like ours when it suffered from over supply,its a natural process and it will work out for those who can stick it out.

Moja skromná rada: Chlapče, ak máš naozaj skutočného záujemcu o kúpu, pozri si súčasné ponúkané ceny individuálnych majiteľov na internete, odpočítaj od nich aspoň 15 – 20 % a dúfaj, že ti na to ten kupujúci skočí. Ak áno, vyhral si. Lepšie už to nebude.  

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